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This Wiki is dedicated to the OMNeT++ user community. Anyone can edit these pages, without any registration or password (try it in the Sandbox!)

Why did we create this Wiki?

  • We need a place to collect knowledge about various simulation models in use. The mailing list serves us well, but the volume of posts is rising quickly. Useful pieces of information tend to get lost in the ocean, becoming hard to find afterwards. In these pages we can distill and organize pieces of information, and together we can create a valuable knowledge base.
  • Some questions are best discussed in Wiki form. For a start: by today there's a puzzling abundance of various mobile, ad-hoc and sensor simulation frameworks based on OMNeT++. How do they differ? How to choose from them? What are the experiences made with one or the other? Write on MobileAdhocFrameworks about it!

New to Wikis?

  • Read about WikiWikiWeb; get accustomed with the TextFormattingRules; practice editing in the WikiSandbox
  • Questions? Suggestions? Use the WikiSiteOrganization page
  • How to start a new page
Click on the "Edit page" link; just write a name for your page in double brackets - like [[ThisTitle]] - and save the page. Now the title of your page has a question mark; click on it and edit the page. Note: automatic linking of WikiWords has been disabled, using [[ and ]] is mandatory.
  • Sign your contribution
If you're editing a page, or starting a new one, please write your name in the Author field (above the Save button); also, typing three tildes ~~~ in the page will add your name, and four tildes ~~~~ will add your name and the date. Clicking on your name will then create a personal profile page (Profiles/YourName) where you can add more information about you (weblog, e-mail, interests, etc.).

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