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Created on  04/22/2013 12:00
LTE user plane simulation model, compatible with the INET Framework.

  • eNodeB and UE models
  • Form-based configuration editor
  • only the radio access network is modeled, the EPC network is not (in the model eNodeB directly connects to the internet, there's no explicit S-GW and P-GW, no GTP tunneling etc.)
  • User Plane only (Control Plane not modeled)
  • FDD only (TDD not supported)
  • no EPS bearer support – note: a similar concept, "connections", has been implemented, but they are neither dynamic nor statically configurable via some config file
  • radio bearers not implemented, not even statically configured radio bearers (dynamically allocating bearers would need the RRC protocol, which is Control Plane so not implemented)
  • handovers not implemented (no X2-based handover, that is; S1-based handover would require an S-GW model)