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Created on  01/28/2005 16:45
Nicola Concer's simulator for ad-hoc networks. Implements AODV protocol and several mobility models. This version (1.1) has been updated to work with OMNeT++ 3.0. Please be aware that the model has no standards compliance and has not undergone validation.

This is a simulator of an ad hoc network originally developed using OMNeT++ v2.2.

This project is a part of the thesis I made with prof.Donatiello and
dott.Bononi of the Bologna University's Computer Science department.

The main features implemented are:

* each host is modeled by a compound module that contains
- a physical level model
- a MAC level
- a routing model that implements AODV standard draft v.10
- a mobility model that can use one of the following algorithm
o random walk
o restricted random walk
o random direction
o random waypoint
o pursuit model
o normal markovian mobility model

* each host moves following an independent mobility algorithm

* communication links are set up and disposed dynamically

* each link can be unidirectional or bi-directional depending on the
transmission power of each host

Source code and documentation is available on the web site (click "Thesis").

Nicola Concer

Updated for OMNeT++ 3.0 Andras Varga Jan 2005.